Race cars

Free Printable Reward Chart

Does your child like everything related to cars and races? Our Racing Cars chart will be perfect for him/her! Download the fun-things-to-do-list and discuss together which behaviour will be rewarded and for which rewards he/she wants to save up.

Reward Chart Race cars

Click on the reward chart to print or to download it.

Find some examples of rewards below:

  • Dressing Up (1 point)
  • Daddy has to tell a joke (2 points)
  • Cycling (8 points)
  • Go to swimming pool (4 points)
  • Play a board game with dad (2 points)
  • Grease-painting your face (6 points)
  • Go to the zoo (12 points)
  • Crafting (2 points)
  • Playing outside with mom or dad (6 points)
  • A feast (5 points)
  • Go to the movies (12 points)
  • Do Playback (4 points)
  • Playing on the Wii together (3 points)
  • A massage by mom (6 points)
  • A nice desert (4 points)
  • Choosing what’s for dinner (7 points)
  • Staying up late for 15 minutes (8 points)
  • Day out with the family (12 points)
  • Watching a dvd (4 points)

  • This information was written by Heleen van Huijkelom, child psychologist. For more background information click here.

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